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WAUDOG Design - accessories made of genuine leather, decorated with bright wear-resistant patterns. Plenty of designs to fit any style and trendy Family Look.
WAUDOG Classic - laconic collars and leashes made in four trendy colors. For those who loves both classic and fashion.

WAUDOG Waterproof - stylish and functional collars and leashes made of innovative material COLLARTEX. Waterproof, easy to wash and care. Some accessories glow in the dark.

WAUDOG Nylon - practical and vivid collars and leashes made of durable nylon. Reliable fastex with lock. Lots of patterns and also accessories made of material that accumulates light.

WAUDOG Glamour - the accessories made of high-quality leather. Nine Bright and stylish colors and decorations.

WAUDOG Soft - collars and leashes from the softest leather of the highest quality.

WAUDOG Eco - series made from eco-leather. It is a breathable polymer material made up of artificial fibers. In appearance and characteristics, it is not inferior to a natural analogue.


Wide range

High-quality materials

Stylish designs

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