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dog fitness tool

PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool, which helps dog owners in building bond with their pets.


aquarium air pump

 aPUMP – the most silent and the smallest aquarium air pump in the world. It is designed to supply water with oxygen.


dog vest

AiryVest is the lightest dog vest in the world! Two colors in one jacket!


aquarium led lamp

AquaLighter brand presents innovative aquarium lamps and equipment.


flying disk for dogs

Flyber — the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners!


durable leash for dogs

EVOLUTOR - the most durable leash.  EVOLUTOR - innovation in every detail! 


toy ball for dogs

LIKER is a toy that your pet would like and even love!

AquaLighter PicoSoft

aquarium led lamp with flexible body

An innovative LED lamp with flexible body that was designed to light up freshwater bowl aquariums up to 20 liters and classic aquariums up to 10 liters.


collars and leashes for dog

COLLAR GLAMOUR is the premium collection of collars and leashes for dogs.


aquarium protection of algae fouling

NanoClear is a ruler of innovative tools for the care of the aquarium, which prevent the algal and bacterial of the raids on rocks and the glass walls of the aquarium.



wooden cat litter

Wooden cat litter SuperCat is ecologically clean and hypoallergenic litter made of processed wood fibres without chemical additives.