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The results of the annual Polish competition of dog products Top For Dog are announced – and the product of COLLAR Company is one of the winners! Liker – a toy dogs would like, even love – became the best dog toy of 2019.

Top For Dog competition is held in Poland since 2014. Its founder is an editor of Dog & Sport magazine and Agility instructor Nina Govin. This competition is a significant event for pet business world with lots of nominants from all the corners of the world and more than a dozen of categories: from pet food to rehabilitation instruments. The products by COLLAR Company periodically participate in it and get the second prize already – the first award-winning product was PULLER in 2016.

Liker has lots of unique features that allowed it to win. The toy is made of durable material that is pleasant to touch and safe for dog’s gums. The bright color makes Liker visible everywhere, it also can float – it makes Liker the perfect toy for play in the water. Liker has several modifications to be most usable for dogs and their owners. This toy is often used by cynologists as a reward – because the dogs really love it!

You may learn more about Liker or order it at brand’s page

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