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It’s time to sum up the things done in 2019. It was the year of new challenges and new conquered heights. It’s hard to choose something in particular, but still, COLLAR Company team gathered the achievements we are especially proud of.

New releases and innovations:
COLLAR Company released more than a hundred leather dog accessories designs in WAUDOG Printed series. Now the clients have access to incredibly rich assortment of styles. WAUDOG collars, leashes and harnesses aren’t just mass market items – they are unique fashionable accessories that allow owners and pets create the common family look and be just outstanding.

Client services:COLLAR Company held 18 webinars, some of them were made together with its partners. Also it now provides the ready-made solutions for the clients – more than 20 variants of trade equipment. This decision allowed COLLAR Company’s clients present the Company’s products for pet parents much better.
COLLAR Company supported dozens of sponsored events all over the world, fully and in time.

New partnerships:COLLAR Company started business collaboration with Ferplast company. Now the new partner presents one of the main innovations of COLLAR Company – the dog fitness tool PULLER – in Italy. Also COLLAR Company started the negotiations about broadening the collaboration with Beta-acuarios company (Spain).

Dog Puller:COLLAR Company is proud to be a co-organizer of the Second Dog Puller World Championship in Hungary, that gathered teams from eleven countries all over the world.

Social projects:More than a thousand of little patients of child rehabilitation centre “Rebirth” in Chernihiv (Ukraine) attended the canistherapy session with cane-corso Lilu – the dog of Company Owner Yuri Sinitsa. Lilu continues her training with cynologist of COLLAR Company to perfect her ability of helping people as a therapy dog.

2019 was full of events. The COLLAR Company team discovered new horizons, created innovations and improved the already existing products. And, of course, set more challenging goals for 2020!
Thank you for being with us in 2019, dear friends!

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