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On January, 23-25 in Amsterdam (Netherlands) the COLLAR Company participated in the 20th GlobalPETS Forum.

The COLLAR Company participated in the Forum for the sixth time and its innovative products inspired and excited the participants as always. The old and faithful partners and the new clients from Germany, Finland, France, Italy and other countries were very interested and appreciated the products presented by COLLAR:

EVOLUTOR — the most durable leash and collar with Global Lifetime Warranty;

WAUDOG — new series of accessories made from quality genuine leather, decorated with colorful wear-resistant pattern;

PULLER — the product that has created the dog sport;

CoLLaR Glamour — the premium collection of collars and leashes for dogs from genuine leather;
CoLLaR Soft — collection of collars and leashes of classical colors made of one of the finest leather in the world.

The COLLAR team attended extremely helpful and interesting lections about the modern pet industry tendencies. The main theme of the Forum was “The changing face of pet retail” — and the COLLAR Company is ready for the ever-changing world of millennials that is coming. The COLLAR Company creates the innovative products that make the trends, not follow them.

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