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On the 16-17 of February, 2020, in Kortrijk, Belgium the biggest pet business expo in Benelux, ANIDO, will take place. Comparing with the first exhibition in 2016, the quantity of participants has increased – now there are 136 manufacturers, exhibiting their products. The organizers are expecting to see more than 5 000 guests from 17 countries of the world. The visitors and participants will be entertained with trainings, seminars, products demonstrations, free catering and ANIDO Awards. ANIDO is a unique chance for pet business companies to learn the newest local and global trends, make new partnerships and meet new clients.

The products by COLLAR Company will be represented by its partner – Supplies for Pets company. The visitors will be able to see such products:

PULLER — dog fitness tool that provides a full emotional and physical load,

Liker — a toy your dog would like, even love!

AiryVest — the lightest reversible dog vest in the world,

WAUDOG — dog accessories, each series is unique,

Flyber — the first double-sided flying disc for dogs and their owners,

PitchDog — is universal toys for dogs any breeds and age. 

The booth has COLLAR Company logo and it’s extremely easy to find it!

See you on ANIDO, booth 325!

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