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Last week the dog of COLLAR Company Founder and CEO, cane corso Lilu, returned to her work with kids in the Chernihiv Rehabilitation Centre “Rebirth”. Due to the regular training with COLLAR Company cynologist, Mikhail Kulko (we wrote about before), Lilu was perfectly ready for her job.

To make the training safer for children Lilu worked with them outside with psychologist and cynologist.The four-legged “therapist” met 15 of her little friends, separated into two groups. The kids were extremely glad to see Lilu and missed her so much.

The further canistherapy sessions will be held in the “Rebirth” Center under strict quarantine restrictions. The kids, cynologist and psychologist are the only people allowed inside. All the participants obey the Ministry of Health recommendations.

Congratulations to Lilu, who is working again!

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