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AquaLighter Slim

Slim body combined with light of perfect quality.

AquaLighter PicoSoft

led lamp for aquarium with flexible body

Innovative LED luminaire with flexible body and universal magnetic attachment point.


small aquarium air pump

aPUMP MINI is the smallest and the most silent air pump for aquariums in the world! 


aCLEER is a ruler of innovative tools for the care of the aquarium, which prevent the algal and bacterial of the raids on rocks and the glass walls of the aquarium.

AquaLighter Aquascape

led lamps with remote control

 Luminaires with variable color temperature and brightness for the most demanding plants and fish.

Nano Touch

touch led lamp for aquarium

Aquarium LED lamp with dimming function.

Aquarium Sets

aquarium sets

A perfect solution for desktop aquarium.