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Eco-friendly collars and leashes! Eco-leather products.


Aquaponic plant growing in your aquarium

WAUDOG Re-cotton

The new series of dog collars and leashes from WAUDOG is a perfect combination of classic style and new technologies. 


Unique offer from WAUDOG!  A high-quality and comfortable mattress and wide range of changeable designer covers will allow you to "assemble" perfect bed for your client’s pet.

WAUDOG Clothes

Stylish and comfortable quilted harness WAUDOG Clothes is ideal for small dog breeds. 


WAUDOG Design products are made from quality genuine leather, decorated with colorful wear-resistant pattern. Due to bright and attractive patterns, these products simply can not be unnoticed.  

AquaLighter Lid

Lid for freshwater aquariums with quality lighting and remote control

SuperCat — the hero that fights odor

Flushable wooden cat litter with amazing odor adsorption.


ball for dogs with a glow in the dark cord

LIKER Lumi is a ball in combination with the "glow in the dark" cord. It is great for playing with pets at any time of the day!


innovative dog fitness tool

Product that has created the dog sport. DOG PULLER - sport that can make a champion both miniature pinschers and giants of the canine world.

Aquarium Sets

aquarium sets

A perfect solution for desktop aquarium.


Silent magnetic aquarium air pump

Nano Touch

touch led lamp for aquarium

Aquarium LED lamp with dimming function.


two-sided flying disk for dogs

Flyber is the world's first two-sided flying disk for dogs. It is made in the unique design.


collars and leashes for dogs

WAUDOG GLAMOUR is the premium collection of collars and leashes for dogs.

AquaLighter Aquascape

led lamps with remote control

 Luminaires with variable color temperature and brightness for the most demanding plants and fish.


aCLEER is a ruler of innovative tools for the care of the aquarium, which prevent the algal and bacterial of the raids on rocks and the glass walls of the aquarium.


genuine collars and leashes for dog

Premium collection of collars and leashes made of ultra-soft genuine leather.


small aquarium air pump

aPUMP MINI is the smallest and the most silent air pump for aquariums in the world! 

AiryVest Lumi

dog jacket that glows in the dark

AiryVest Lumi is the first dog jacket that glows in the dark!


Bright, stylish clothes for animals with exclusive designs from DC Comics

WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash

Unique WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash will completely change your idea of comfortable walking your pet!

New retractable leash WAUDOG

In 2020 COLLAR Company added the products, licensed by DC Comics to its collection! Now the retractable WAUDOG leashes have the iconic images of popular superheroes - Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn and others - on them.

AquaLighter PicoSoft

led lamp for aquarium with flexible body

Innovative LED luminaire with flexible body and universal magnetic attachment point.

WAUDOG Waterproof

Collars, leashes and harnesses, made of lightweight, durable and waterproof material. 


dogs durable leash

EVOLUTOR the most durable collars & leashes. EVOLUTOR - innovation in every detail!

AquaLighter Slim

Slim body combined with light of perfect quality.

AiryVest UNI

Jackets have unique feature: one size fits dogs with different chest and neck girths.


Accessories from wear-resistant nylon with a wide selection of designs.