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On 20-22th of January of 2016 in Nice (France) Global Pets Forum took place. This annual event is must-visit for all major pet businessmen of the world.

It is pleasant to note that the COLLAR company is invited to participate in Forum for the third consecutive year. This year’s theme is “Think like a leader, act like a leader!”.

The speakers at the event were Ilja Grzeskowitz (Pet industry consultant, Germany), Paula Flores (Euromonitor, Pet Care Research department, United Kingdom), George Parker and John van Giels (business coaches and motivators, Netherlands), Yehuda Shinar (business coach and CEO of the Shinar Institute, Israel), and Chris Griffiths (business coach and a head of OpenGenius, Ireland).

All information is very useful. It will be processed and sent to the track.

At the Forum the COLLAR company has introduced 3 new items and 2 bestseller. Among the new products are: ultra-lightweight vest for dogs AiryVest; international exhibitions most interested item aquarium set Pico Set; unique leather collars with glow-in-the-dark and reflective pattern on items of series CoLLaR Glamour. COLLAR`s bestsellers are always recognizable: PULLER (dog training device) and aPUMP (the most silent aquarium air pump in the world).

Global PETS Forum 2017 will be held in Warsaw (Poland), where we hope to meet again with our partners. And we`ll carry there our new products.

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