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For already 3 years COLLAR Company has been taken part in the main world dog show – Crufts. For our team this exhibition is always a great challenge. The event is an outstanding opportunity to present the best of Company’s products and what is more important to receive such significant feedback from the dog owners all around the world.

The atmosphere of Crufts is incomparable. Gorgeous poodles, playful border collies and retrievers, smiling corgis and fluffy newfoundlands – thousands of dogs compete for the title “Best in Show”, thousands of dog owners are longing high-quality leather accessories, comfy and fabulous clothes and interactive toys for their pets. The expo is a proper place to show the innovative products, to share the advanced experience, to collaborate with new business partners and just to enjoy your time. Once attend the show you will be a permanent participant.

This year COLLAR Company presented well-known leather collection (incl. COLLAR Soft, COLLAR Glamour, COLLAR Brilliance), PULLER – a dog training device which fan base is tremendously growing all around the globe, LIKER – a motivational ball (with and without cord) It has already become a tradition that our leather accessories are of a huge interest among the dog owners. “What a soft leather!” or “Look at these bright colors” – that feedback we heard all 4 days of the exhibition.

PULLERs and LIKERs admired the thousands of CRUFT’s visitors every day as well. Lots of dogs were in raptures because of COLLAR Company innovative training devices pushing their owners to make the right purchase choice. We used to see the same people at our booth several times a day. They brought friends and made a lot of pictures.

COLLAR Company team thanks organizers for the invitation, visitors for their great interest to our goods, useful feedback and just for the unforgettable time at our booth. We are looking forward for new meetings worldwide. Crufts – you are awesome! Birmingham – see you next year!

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