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July 23-25, 2017, COLLAR, a world-famous producer of innovative pet products, hosted a delegation of partners from Japan, owners and top managers of Dear Children (Tokyo), distributors of PULLER TM in Asia.

Within the framework of the five-day program of the visit, were held a number of working meetings and events. The guests got acquainted with the organizational structure of COLLAR company, its management, technologies for the production of training tools for dogs TM PULLER, mini-balls TM LIKER, the world’s lightest jackets for dogs TM AiryVest, goods for aquarium TM AquaLighter, wood filler TM SuperCat, and high-quality leather ammunition TM Glamor and Soft.

The Japanese guests paid special attention to the working meeting with the COLLAR development team, which embodies the slogan of the company “Innovation Only”.

Within the visit of the delegation, valuable professional knowledge was exchanged. Head of PR-direction of Dear Children Masaki Kobayashi presented to the company’s employees the strategy of promotion of PULLER training tool, one of the key products of COLLAR in Japan.

On response, an exclusive master class of DOG PULLER, a new popular sport for dogs, was prepared for the Japanese guests. According to the results of the master class, the Japanese cynologist  Keisuke Yoshida received the official certificate of PULLER-coach.  He was approved by Sergey Shkot, the developer of the unique methodology of the PULLER-training, and Varvara Petrenko, the President of the International Federation DOG PULLER.

In the continuation of the promotion of PULLER and DOG PULLER at the global level, among other issues, the parties discussed the details of the joint preparation for the Olympic Games for pets planned to be held in Tokyo in 2020.  It should be noted that both companies are direct co-organizers of this event, and DOG PULLER is already included in the list of basic sports disciplines for dogs.

Knowing about the programs of social responsibility of business in Japan and the participation of Dear Children in it, the leadership of the host country demonstrated its own achievements in the sphere of social projects implementation. An unforgettable impression on foreign partners was made by visiting the center of medical and social rehabilitation of disabled children “Vozrozhdenie”. Here Yuri Sinitsa, the owner of the COLLAR Company, together with his dog Lilu, Cane-Corso breed, held an open session of Canistherapy. Popularization of this rare, but very effective type of therapy is one of the key social projects of COLLAR.

The guests were also presented with an equally important large-scale social project – modern European level sports complex “Chernigov-Arena”, built with the help of COLLAR for the residents of the city. In September 2017, the children’s football school with modern teaching methods will start functioning here.

The informal part of the program included a number of fascinating excursions, acquaintance with the monuments of ancient Russian history, culture and architecture.

A special surprise for Japanese partners was the flight on a big air balloon.

Information reference

Dear Children is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo. The company is the exclusive distributor of COLLAR products in Japan. COLLAR and Dear Children have been successfully cooperating for more than 4 years. The company’s owner is family couple Hiroshi and Setsuko Shimomura.

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