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COLLAR Company team at Zoomark 2021 

Over the three days of the exhibition, more than 300 clients and potential partners from Europe, America, Asia, and the CIS visited COLLAR Company’s stand. Offline events and live communication are something that both the COLLAR Company’s team and the visitors missed so much.

On November 10-12, 2021, in Bologna (Italy), the first European offline exhibition for the pet business Zoomark International was held after the pandemic. The organizers – BolognaFiere Group – collected more than 450 stands from 39 countries and organized 26 events with 150 invited speakers. The area of the exhibition pavilions was more than 55 000 sq. m., and online activities allowed even those who could not come in person to participate. The main trends of the exhibition were:

-Technologies for animals and owners.

-Ecology and sustainable development.

-Life in lockdown and creativity as a response to it.

-Caring for pets’ health and activities of people and animals.

The COLLAR Company team brought a 19-meter stand to the exhibition to display new products and bestsellers. In the new products area, the Company presented its new customization service. On b2b.waudog.ua, you can now order a unique collection of designs for collars, leashes, retractable leashes, QR passports, jackets, jumpsuits, and soft WAUDOG harnesses. This service lets distributors sell exclusive products. It’s also an excellent possibility for animal-related organizations to obtain unique branded accessories.

Yuri Sinitsa, Founder and Owner of COLLAR Company, commented on the event as follows: “Finally, exhibitions are held again. It is impossible to present and display products without live communication. Remarkably, four Ukrainian companies came to Zoomark International this year: this indicates that Ukrainian products can conquer the world, and they are already doing it. “

“There were fears that because of the pandemic, there would be fewer people, but everything turned out just perfect. We had to guess who we were talking to – all our partners wore masks. Except that, everything was as before the quarantine. The visitors were interested in WAUDOG Smart ID address tags and the WAUDOG Re-cotton ammunition made of reconstituted cotton”, – says Maxim Pilipenko, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Department of COLLAR Company.

WAUDOG Re-cotton amazed visitors because a new trend for pet owners is environmental friendliness and ethics of products. According to the Global Recycle Standard, WAUDOG Re-cotton ribbons are made from recycled raw materials in sustainable ways. Natural materials are hypoallergenic, and the reflective thread makes night walks even safer. The COLLAR Company recently launched three new colors of Re-cotton, so the harness is now available in eight colors and various sizes.

Smart address tags WAUDOG Smart ID with QR passports, present on all the WAUDOG collars and harnesses, meet another recent trend – technologies. These address tags allow parents to create a pet profile in the international Animal ID database. If the animal is lost, the finder can scan the QR code with a smartphone and access the parent’s contacts and data about the animal. The parent will immediately receive a message with the GPS coordinates of the find. Now the Animal ID database is used by pet parents from more than 100 countries.

Another pleasant surprise for the visitors was the WAUDOG series of ammunition, created in collaboration with the NASA space agency. The WAUDOG series is the only dog harness available on the official NASA online store, and the COLLAR Company recently released a new line of “space” designs, WAUDOG NASA21.

The COLLAR team was delighted to visit the first European offline exhibition after a long break. We are waiting for old friends and new partners at the next big event – Interzoo – 2022!

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