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On the 8th-10th of November 2019, in Lviv, Ukraine, the annual testing and certification of dogs according to the standards of the European canistherapy association took place. On the 11th of November the Third international canistherapy conference was hosted in the same city.

The three days of the training camp and conference were filled with new information, ideas and vivid events. The training and testing was held by the specialists of the Lithuanian canistherapy association, the member of the International animaltherapy association IAHAIO. From the Ukrainian side the testing was held by Sandra Beregovenko, a dog behaviour specialist, the UKA expert and the head of the school of the social cynology and handling “Harmonic dog”, the “Kid and Dog” school and “Heart for Two” organization.

The topic of The topic of the Third International Scientific Canistherapy Conference was “Canistherapy as the modern method of rehabilitation”. The speakers from the different cities of Ukraine and other countries shared their experience. The head of social projects department of COLLAR Company, Natalia Mysnyk told about the successful implementation of canistherapy into the rehabilitation program of child rehabilitation center “Rebirth” in Chernihiv.

This conference became an important milestone of the Ukrainian canistherapy development that COLLAR Company supports wholeheartedly for more than eight years.

The COLLAR team is incredibly grateful to the organizers for this amazing event: Rehabilitation center “Future”, Training center “Larmon, “Heart for Two”, Professional handling school and dog owners training “Harmonic dog”. Thanks a lot to Ukrainian Kennel Association and Ukrainian Canistherapy association.
The main sponsors of the camp and the conference are: COLLAR Company and ТМ PURINA® PET CARE by Nestle Ukraine. 

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