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COLLAR Company celebrated Take Your Dog To Work Day

On the 26th of June COLLAR Company, together with lots of companies all over the world, celebrated Take Your Dog To Work Day. At the beginning of the working day, the furry “colleagues” came to the office together with the COLLAR Company team members. The four-legged friends made the day brighter, brought lots of positive vibes and even increased the work efficiency!

COLLAR Company employees loved the day and are ready to repeat it more often:

“I was very pleased to spend the whole day with my pet. It’s a great way to walk it. There are no difficulties if you prepare well. My dog got along with other pets and didn’t distract me from work. If such events were held more often and people weren’t as excited to see the pets in the workplace, I could bring my dog to work every day”.
Anastasia, partner communication manager.

“The day was great. My dog slept all day after it. He was great with other humans and pets, but he was all the way bored. He sat near the door, looked at the people passing by and asked to play with him. It was a fun experience for us both, my dog was glad to make new friends and have tasty treats”.
Natalia, social media manager.

“It isn’t the first time for my dog, so we are ready for everything. Greta loves to sit on the laps. She knows how to ask about it and my colleagues just can’t refuse. She has so much energy and is so ready to share those positive emotions. She is my “antistress” and she helped us to work more effectively”.
Olga, education department specialist.

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