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The 14th of December can be considered an international holiday. This is the day when a company that represents its products in 60 countries of the world, has thousands of partners on 5 continents and produces thousands of products per month, celebrates its birthday. 

COLLAR is 22 years old on this day. It was on December 14, 1995 when the history of the national leader and one of the biggest producers of pet products in the world began. And it started with a collar made for own dog.

2017 became a significant for the Company. The number of employees exceeded 500 people, production and storage areas expanded, a range of innovative products appeared, such as Flyber, PULLER micro, NanoClear, AiryVest Lumi, AiryVest One, AquaLighter PicoSoft, aPUMP mini. For the native city the Company built a stadium and opened a football school.

The results of this year showed that COLLAR is moving in the right direction!

Happy birthday!


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