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PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool, designed by professional dog experts. Exercises with PULLER (Running, Jumping, Pulling) provide a daily fitness workout and guarantee special experience for dog owners in building bond with their pets.

20 minute training with PULLER = 5 km/3 mi running.

PULLER is represented by five different sizes. Therefore, each owner can choose the most suitable size of PULLER for every dog breed.



Even small dogs and puppies can easily carry PULLER in their teeth. On the other hand, the material is durable.


Dog can bite PULLER ring through, so it is absolutely harmless for dog's teeth and gums.


Floats on the water surface. Well seen from a shore.


PULLER is made of non-toxic and odorless material. Thus, the dog focuses on the training but not on the smell.

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