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From the 31st August to the 2nd September, the III International Specialized Exhibition “AquaTerra Show — 2018” was held in Kiev Exhibition Centre “ACCO International”. AquaTerra Show is the specialized event of pet business devoted to modern aquaria, terraria industry and decorative ponds. It is oriented on the revival of the market among B2C and B2B segments. The Association of the Pet Business of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Association of Aquarists are organizers of the AquaTerra Show. COLLAR Company is a partner of this exhibition.

The exhibition was attended by more than 70 companies from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Turkey and other countries that represent more than 100 brands. The exhibition was attended by thousands of guests from around the world.

Visitors of COLLAR Company booth were impressed of novelties of TM AquaLighter:

-Concept of the world’s first wireless aquarium;

-AquaLighter Pico Soft, Nano Soft— the world’s first flexible LED lamps for aquariums up to 30 litres;

-aGlass black – a new type of aquarium;

-Pico Set, Nano Set— aquarium sets up to 10 litres;

-WabiSet — decorative aquarium set;

-aCleaner— magnetic scraper for aquariums.

Numerous expositions, master classes, presentations, seminars, shows, photo zones and competitions were held at the exhibition.

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