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PULLER dog training tool by COLLAR Company won the 1st place in the international contest Top For Dog 2016.

More than 60 companies from all over the world competed with each other in 15 product categories. 

PULLER was named the best product in a prestigious category “Dog Training Tool” and herewith received plenty of positive reviews from canine professionals and dog lovers. In their comments people mentioned the exercises’ efficiency with a set of two rings made out of unique material that does not damage dog’s teeth and gums. It is absolutely safe, lightweight and non-toxic. 3 exercises with PULLER for 20 minutes are equal to 5 km of intense running or 2-hours training with an instructor.

Top For Dog 2016 awards ceremony was held on 22nd of November 2016 in Warsaw and brought together hundreds of representatives of beau monde, show business, and media.  

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