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The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs delegation visited COLLAR Company.

The delegation of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) — the first united force of Ukrainian entrepreneurs — visited COLLAR Company, also a SUP member. The representatives of CIPE, Kyivguma, AGT PLUS, and other companies were among the participants.

The Founder and CEO, Yuri Sinitsa, met the guests and showed the new releases and bestsellers to the guests. They were interested in the story of COLLAR Company’s creation: from the first collar made for Yuri’s dog to the international company.

Also, the delegation had a look at the manufacturing process. The Production Director Oleksandr Skoropys told the guests about the LEAN implementation instruments, showing them the WAUDOG production line as an example. The head of the R&D Department, Anastasia Kuzmenko, explained the approach to innovative product creation.

We heartily thank the guests for the wonderful feedback!

Ukrainian entrepreneurs appreciated the dog fitness tool PULLER (and Dog Puller sport based on exercises with Puller), WAUDOG accessories with QR passports, and EVOLUTOR — the most durable collar and leash with the Global Lifetime Warranty. The story of the WAUDOG Nasa series’ creation, the dialog with the Space Agency, and WAUDOG accessories at the official NASA store became one of the most inspiring examples of achieving ambitious goals.

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