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СOLLAR Company celebrates its 25th anniversary. Summing up the achievements

COLLAR Company, the international pet products manufacturer, celebrates its 25th anniversary. It started as making hand-made collars in the apartment in 1995. Now COLLAR Company is a powerful manufacturer with more than half a thousand staff members. Its products are present all over the world.

COLLAR Company sums up the achievements for these 25 years of work. It has produced:

9 mil. of dog accessories items (by WAUDOG and other TM);
2,3 mil. of PULLER training tools;
0,3 mil. of AiryVest dog vests;
3 mil. of toys (TM Liker, Flyber, Pitchdog);
77 mil. kg. of wooden cat litter (TM SuperCat);
0,2 mil. of aquaristic items (TM Aqualighter).
The products made by COLLAR Company are present in 70 countries all over the world, from Japan to Canada, from Switzerland to New Zealand.

The COLLAR Company team also summed up other activities:

it created the new dog sport — Dog Puller — and has held two World Championships with the teams from more than a dozen countries;

the products of COLLAR Company appeared on the NASA website becoming the first dog accessories presented at the space agency site;

COLLAR Company created the new product line with DC Comics heroes and villains in partnership with Warner Bros.;

one of the greatest achievements was constructing Chernihiv-Arena — the modern stadium in the city where COLLAR Company is situated. This stadium is one of a kind in Ukraine;

more than 5000 children of Chernihiv Rehabilitation Center “Vidrodzhennya” has attended the canistherapy sessions with Lilu, the Company Owner’s dog, and the cynologist of COLLAR Company;

COLLAR Company helps shelters and veterinary stations. More than a thousand stray dogs have been neutered, vaccinated, and got the necessary veterinary care;

COLLAR Company, together with Animal ID, created the smart QR passports and continues to give them to the animal shelters not to let their inhabitants get lost again.

Yuriy Sinitsa, the COLLAR Company Founder and CEO draws the line: “We have a lot of things to be proud of. The innovative products by the COLLAR Company change the world to some extent. They create a stronger bond between pets and their parents all over the world. No matter what it is — PULLER at Dog Puller contest, WAUDOG accessories, AiryVest dog vest, Aqualighter LED lamp, or something else — each product helps people to make their pets happy and make them feel loved. This is our goal, this is what we work for”.

COLLAR Company thanks its friends and partners who made this long journey with us. We hope to celebrate the new anniversary with you, too!

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