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The beginning of the year 2020 was challenging for COLLAR Company and for all the world. Still, the COLLAR Company team draws the line under the first half of 2020 and celebrates the great results!

COLLAR Company has released lots of new products (more than 200 SKU during the quarantine period!) There are WAUDOG Waterproof accessories with cobra buckle, WAUDOG Eco series, AiryVest bag, WAUDOG soft harnesses, WAUDOG safe harness and, of course, WAUDOG Design and WAUDOG Nylon accessories with DC Comics superheroes. Also COLLAR Company has supported its clients with discounts and flexible offers.

Despite the quarantine, the biggest video Dog Puller championship was held this summer. The pair from 10 countries participated in it. The referee team scored the participants’ performance via YouTube. The winners got money prizes and diplomas that were sent to them in a low-touch way.

COLLAR Company isn’t only coping with crisis but shows others the way. The interview of Company Owner and CEO, Yuriy Sinitsa, “Follow your fear” gathered a tremendous amount of readers and was published in famous international magazines: Pet Business World (UK), PetWorldwide (Germany), Dogs&Pups (India), Zoobiznes (Russia).

The COLLAR Company team has launched several important social projects to support animal shelters, stray animals and fight panic during the COVID-19 crisis. There are “The story of your WAUDOG” – the story competition, adoption support campaign “WAUDOG + Animal ID” and the new product, WAUDOG collar with QR passport that allows to create a digital profile of the pet in the international database to let them never get lost.

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