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Halloween ideas for pets by COLLAR Company

Halloween is a special holiday for many countries. From the ancient traditions, it turned into the possibility to dress up as a witch, ghost, or a favorite superhero. The Family Look trend made it possible for pet businesses to create the same outfits for the pets. The Halloween costumes and accessories are usually sold out days before the holidays, making a great profit and making customers happy.

It’s high time to add the new stylish WAUDOG designs to your assortment! The Design and Nylon series are perfect for Halloween parties: there are “classical” designs with pumpkins and skulls and a whole line with cool DC Comics superheroes images.

COLLAR Company became one of the first companies to make accessories more like fashionable items, not as functional products only. COLLAR Company designs have changed the attitude of the customers and continue to change it with every new thematic series.

Help your clients to get ready for Halloween together with COLLAR Company!

Learn more about Halloween accessories at https://collarglobal.com/ru/innovations/

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