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COLLAR took part in the Global Pet Expo Orlando (USA) in 21-23 March.

Global Pet Expo (GPE) is the main exhibition in pet industry of America. That is why all key market players present their new products in Orlando. It is the GPE where all companies intrigue and tell about their achievements for the first time. The list of exhibitors, the number of visitors and buyers increases every year.

Friendly atmosphere and conditions for cooperation at the GPE show were created by APPA (Association of Producers of Animal Products of America) and PIDA (Pet Industry Distributors Association). They organize trainings, joint evenings for all members. The GPE program also included a block of seminars, the themes of which are dictated by market trends and current problems which facing the industry of pet business.

At the exhibition COLLAR Company presented its innovative products:

– AIRYVEST Lumi – ultra lightweight, reversible dog jacket, glows in the dark.

– AquaLighter Pico Soft magnet – flexible LED lamp with versatile magnetic mounting.

– Flyber – the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners.

– leather goods of TM COLLAR.

– goods for aquarists – AquaLighter Pico, Nano.

– aquarium compressor – aPUMP.

It is worth mentioning that many visitors of our booth have been using PULLER training tool for a long time. Representatives of different dog-trainers schools consider PULLER, LIKER, Flyber to be very convenient tools for training dogs.

We had successful negotiations with the owner of a network of pet stores in New York meetings with future partners for effective promotion of new products of the USA’s market.

COLLAR as a member of APPA, was taking part in 60th anniversary of the APPA.

The Global Pet Expo-2018 exhibition once again highlighted the scale and volume of the American’s pet industry market. A big challenge for manufacturing companies is to be on the market and work up the US market. COLLAR is already responding to this challenge and is dynamically expanding our presence on the American continent.

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