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COLLAR Company Passed ISO 9001 Certification

On December, 2021, COLLAR Company successfully passed certification ISO 9001:2015. It approves that all the processes of management and production meet international quality standards and regulations.

ISO 9001:2015 certification is based on international standards with certain demands to the quality management system. External audit organisation carries out an evaluation and audit of all processes. The material and product certification center conducted an assessment of Company’s quality management system.

As Ivan Baranyuk, the head of the Service and Logistics Department, stated that this would increase the level of competitiveness of the company, attract customers and investments. He emphasized that Company has achieved it due to the high level of all inner processes of management and production. Specifically through work with customer’s feedback, suppliers, technological processes, standardization systems of storage and delivery.

COLLAR Company CEO Nikolai Sinitsa added that the ISO 9001 certificate approved that company was a reliable supplier of pet products to its customers.

The certificate is valid for 3 years. After this period expires, evaluation and audit of the quality management system will take place again. Passed ISO 9001:2015 certification applies to the quality management of all issued brands, product groups of accessories, toys, litter, aquarists and others. This is great news for all customers, including potential ones. Taking all this into consideration, COLLAR Company really cares about quality, innovations and produces competitive products for 78 countries.

Nikolai Sinitsa
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