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In 2020 COLLAR Company launched several socially responsible initiatives to support animal shelters and stray animals. The collaboration with the biggest Ukrainian shelters and charity funds, creation of the new products — collars with QR passports and online adoption promotion are among them. Now we are receiving the feedback from our partners and participants and understand that it all made perfect sense.

“There are much more abandoned animals this year, in comparison with the previous one”, — says Dmytro Kirkevich, the member of the Happy Paw charity fund that helps four big shelters. — “But COLLAR Company initiative with gift collars to each adopted dog, had a very positive impact on the adoption rate”.

“Connected by Love” initiative that was launched together with Animal ID and KORMOTECH is active now. Ukrainians can support the biggest shelters with up to 500 000 hrn through the cashback after the purchase of the particular products of the partners. “Animal ID is proud of the cashback system that was created together with such socially responsible companies as COLLAR Company. It allows Ukrainians to help lots of homeless animals while buying goods for their own pets and without spending extra money” — says Viktor Kopach, co-founder of Animal ID.

The campaigns to support adoption and responsible pet ownership are gathering hundreds of stories and tens of thousands of views from the people who care. Natalia Mysnyk, the head of mywaudog project by COLLAR Company tells more about one of such campaigns, “The story of my WAUDOG”: “We know that we managed to raise an important social issue — responsible and careful pet ownership. One of the WAUDOG stories made all our team teary. It was the story about the dog from the “Sirius” shelter who saved her parent from loneliness, breaking the vicious circle of going to work and back home and helping to accomodate in the other city”.

Also COLLAR Company continues to collaborate with the pet animal protection organizations, providing their products to help neutering the stray pets. One of the recent events was providing the veterinary collars to the specialized center in Chernihiv. The COLLAR Company team knows that its mission is to make all the pets happy: in loving families or those who haven’t found their forever homes yet.

Follow the COLLAR Company updates about the existing and new socially responsible projects!

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