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COLLAR Company researched a typical pet parent’s profile worldwide

The COLLAR Company team analyzed the data collected by the monitoring system from April 2020 to April 2021. They studied a typical pet parent’s profile worldwide based on WAUDOG and PULLER users’ Internet activity.

This information can be helpful for large distributors of pet products and small store owners who want to understand their clients, the pet parents.

Gender and age

Most of the active pet parents appeared to be women (86% for WAUDOG owners and 80% for PULLER owners). The age of fans of bright WAUDOG designs is almost equally distributed between the groups under 18 years old (26%), 18-24 years old (26%), and 25-34 years old (24%). The older generation is less interested in stylish pet accessories. On the other hand, PULLER fascinates all ages equally: the COLLAR team sees a clear drop to 2% only in the 60+ group. The people 25-34 years old (26%) and 35-44 years old (21%) are the most active PULLER users, so we can assume that they may be interested in other dog sports and activities.


The PULLER owners chose service quality as their top preference (23.70%). Usability and quality of PULLER have close rates (21.97% and 21.39, respectively). The WAUDOG fans put the design in the first place (36.21%). Quality and usability follow it closely (28.50% and 21.65%, respectively). The price remains the least important of the TOP-5 product qualities in both cases.


Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are the most interested in WAUDOG accessories; Azerbaijan, the USA, and Georgia follow, but with a big gap. For PULLER lovers, the most engaged countries are Russia, Ukraine, the USA, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Poland.

The COLLAR Company team will continue to analyze the pet parents’ needs and collect up-to-date information. It is essential for creating truly innovative products that make people and animals happier.

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