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COLLAR Company has analyzed the bestselling WAUDOG prints of 2021. What designs attracted the most attention of our customers last year you can find in this article. To eliminate the guesswork, let’s see what numbers say.

The most preferable design for 13 % of B2B customers was NASA, and 24 % of pet parents selected it in 2021 as well. You can find collars, leashes, harnesses, dog jackets in this space-inspired collection approved by NASA. COLLAR Company’s pet products are even available on their official site.

9 % of B2B customers chose Avocado designs. The Company’s analysis revealed that 7 % of customers gave their preferences to Summer designs. Same numbers are referred to Ethno and illuminated designs — 7 %. To sum it up, those designs were the most trendy in 2021. 57 % of all orders applied to B2B customers who focused on other bright and eye-catching WAUDOG designs, including more than 90 prints. Such a wide range of designs gives owners and their pets the possibility to stand out from the crowd and use innovative reliable pet products of high quality at the same time.

Over the last 26 years Company has issued over 10 billion pet accessories.


COLLAR Company’s analysis showed that the most preferable sizes of pet accessories were XS and S (45%). Pet accessories of size M were the most popular among 27 % of customers, while 28 % chose L and XL. As we can see, pet owners buy larger amounts of accessories for small dog breeds.

In a nutshell, every fourth customer was attracted by NASA design in 2021. And almost half (45 %) of sold pet accessories were for small dogs. COLLAR Company brightens up the days of pet owners and pets with their designs and accessories and fulfills with pleasant emotions.

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