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COLLAR Company continues to help homeless animals

The year 2020 has become an active social project year for COLLAR Company. Animals need even more care and attention during the pandemic when people need most of the resources. It is especially true for animals who haven’t yet found their loving homes.

COLLAR Company, together with Animal ID, started to produce smart ID tags with QR passports. There were more than 12 500 tags registered during the year! We gave more than a thousand tags, together with vivid collars, to the pets in shelters who are ready to be adopted. They became “graduation” gifts and a guarantee that the pets will never get lost again and return to the shelters.

COLLAR Company signed a memorandum with the Happy Paw charity fund and managed to gather a sum equivalent to 1500 kg of pet food. Our team plans to continue gathering money for homeless cats in 2021, too.

COLLAR Company also continues its stray animals’ neutering program in Chernihiv, together with the local center “Step towards animals”. Due to the visit of the international charity fund “FOUR PAWS International” representatives we managed to help with the neutering of 300 animals in a month. COLLAR Company plans to buy the veterinary equipment for the Center in 2021.

We can show our love to the animals, both pets and stray ones, in any way possible. Anyone, from caring people to big businesses, can make the lives of our four-legged friends better. Join COLLAR Company in its mission to make pets and people happy!

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