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On the 22-24 of January in Athens (Greece), the 21st biggest European pet business owners forum, GlobalPets Forum took place. The topic of the Forum-2020 was: “Get into the heart of the consumer”. The participants discussed the ways to build relationships with the customers, the trend of adopting pets as family members (“Pet owners or pet parents?”), changing of marketing strategies and following the changes of customers’ mindset and lots of other topics.

The COLLAR Company team was happy to meet friends and partners, learn new data and share their opinion about the factors influencing the market prices and multichanneling of sales. Of course, COLLAR Company has presented its goods on the Forum. WAUDOG Printed – leather dog accessories decorated with bright, wear-resistant patterns – excited the partners of COLLAR Company the most, but they also appreciated other products by COLLAR Company:

COLLAR Company will present the following products on GlobalPets Forum:
EVOLUTOR – the most durable collar and leash with Global LIfetime Warranty
PULLER – dog fitness tool that provides a full emotional and physical load for dogs
AiryVest – the lightest reversible dog vest in the world

The COLLAR Company team was glad to participate in GlobalPets Forum 2020 for the seventh time and is looking forward to attending the next event!

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