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On the 1st of August the world celebrates Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. Thousands of dogs are waiting for their parents and each of them deserves their own personal holiday. The Universal Birthday was celebrated in the USA in 2008 for the first time. Since then it has become the day of shelter dog issues awareness. And, of course, another reason to make our four-legged friends smile.

COLLAR Company sincerely supports animal adoption initiatives. In 2020 it signed a Memorandum with animal charity fund Happy Paw. The recently launched WAUDOG collar with QR passport, developed in collaboration with Animal ID Company, is now a gift for any dog from “Sirius” and “Best Friends” Ukrainian shelters who find their forever home. The “History of your WAUDOG” campaign launched during the quarantine has gathered lots of stories about lives, changed by shelter pets. It inspired lots of people to become parents for shelter pets themselves.

On the 1st of August COLLAR Company celebrates the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs by launching new campaigns with partner shelters and creating new plans of animal adoption support that will soon be made real. The mission of COLLAR Company is to make pets and people happy.

Happy Birthday, dear four-legged friends!

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