Collar Glamour

 New glamorous products by COLLAR

The brightest leather goods made of genuine leather, CoLLaR Glamour is an innovation in combining color with tried-and-tested models of collars and leashes. High quality accouterments are made for dogs owned by the men of moods.

CoLLar Glamour is a series for all types of dogs and cats. Leather accouterments are represented by round and flat collars, leashes and harnesses made of high quality genuine colour leather.

The palette contains 8 colours. Wide model range includes collars with and without decorations. Collars with reflecting and glowing in the dark elements deserve a separate mentioning. Due to the wide product range, even the most demanding pet owner could find the proper item to underline the style and elegance of his pet.

The goods of the series combine high quality, beauty and comfort.

Sustainable hardware, high quality coloring, neatly processed edges, accurate seams, sharply cut shapes and sizes, all these are main features of premium series of CoLLaR for dogs.